Rocky Mount Police Department Traffic Accident Reports

Rocky Mount Police Department Traffic Accident ReportsHave you been involved in a traffic accident that was responded to by the Rocky Mount Police Department? If so, it is important to get a copy of your accident report.

When a police officer responds to a crash, they fill out a report which includes important details related to your accident. Courts and insurance companies use this information to review your claim. Traffic accident reports can help you get the most compensation for your troubles so it is vital to verify the report’s accuracy.

Here is how you can get a copy of your Rocky Mount Police Department accident report.

How to Request a Copy of Your Rocky Mount Police Department Accident Report

According to the City of Rocky Mount’s official website, you may request a copy of your report in-person or online. Expect to wait about 10 days before your report is processed and made available.

Requesting Your Accident Report In-Person

You must first call the Rocky Mount Records Department at 252-972-1430 to confirm your report’s availability. In addition, the clerk will let you know if there is a report fee. Make sure to have the following information before you call:

  • Name
  • Accident location
  • Accident date

Once this is done, pick up your report at the Rocky Mount Police Department:

Rocky Mount Police Department
330 S. Church St.
Rocky Mount, NC 27802
Get directions

The front desk is open Monday through Sunday, 8:30am to 5pm. Don’t forget to bring valid government issued identification and payment for any fees.

Requesting (and Receiving) Your Accident Report Online

You may request your accident report online by visiting the Rocky Mount Police to Citizen (P2C) website. You will be asked to enter the following search criteria:

  • When? Your accident date
  • Who? Your name
  • Where? Your accident location

Important Notes about Requesting Your Report:

  • The Rocky Mount Police Department does not charge a fee for the first copy of your traffic accident report.
  • Your request will be reviewed before your report is released.
  • If you have any questions about how to obtain your accident report, you may call the Rocky Mount PD at 252-972-1430.

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