Reduce personal injury risk by knowing child seat belt laws


image shows young girl in seat belt included in article from personal injury attorneys Dawson & Albritton PA in Greenville NC

Buckle them up to reduce the risk of personal injury

Trouble starts when parents are in a hurry and forget to buckle up the kids and their friends before they take off in the family car. An accident occurs, children can be hurt and personal injury liability claims result from the friends’ parents.

The National Highway Safety Administration reminds us that North Carolina’s “buckle up” laws for children are as follows:

  • Child Restraint Required

    7 yrs or under and under 80 lbs

    Adult Safety Belt Permissible

    8-15 yrs or 40-80 lbs in seats without shoulder belts

    Maximum Fine for 1st Offense

    $25 + $188 court costs + points


And don’t forget to buckle up yourself!


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