North Carolina Car Accident Settlements → What Types of Damages are You Entitled To?

north-carolina-car-accident-settlementsBeing involved in a car accident can be a scary and traumatizing experience.

In addition to recovering from your injuries, insurance companies are pushing you for a statement and making offers for settlement that you are unsure about.

An experienced car accident attorney like Harry Albritton of Irons & Irons P.A. has represented clients throughout the Greenville, NC area when it comes to their accident claims.

We know what your settlement is truly worth.

Call the office or contact us today to schedule a free consultation of your car accident case to learn more.

Economic Damages in a Car Accident

One major aspect of all car accident settlements is the economic damages in the case. Economic damages refer to the out of pocket expenses incurred by you following the accident.

This includes payment of all medical bills, treatment, hospital stays, medication, and rehabilitation. It also includes lost wages from the time you were required to take off from work.

In addition, economic damages include property damage resulting from the accident and any future lost income or benefits that result from the injuries caused by the crash.

Noneconomic Damages in a Car Accident

Noneconomic damages are also included in a car accident settlement in North Carolina. These damages include compensation for things like pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Noneconomic damages also cover the emotional trauma that stems from any disfigurement or disability that results from the accident. North Carolina has no caps on the amount of noneconomic damages a person can collect from a car accident claim.

Contributory Negligence in North Carolina

Securing the services of an experienced attorney for a car accident settlement is particularly important in North Carolina due to their contributory negligence rules for personal injury claims. Contributory negligence means that you can be barred from recovering any compensation for your injuries if the court finds you at fault for the accident.

Even if you are one percent at fault for the accident you can be completely barred from recovery.

A knowledgeable car accident attorney knows how to best argue your case. This helps to ensure payment on your claims and to defend you against anyone that accuses you of being at fault for the accident.

Other Factors that Affect Car Accident Settlements

Other factors may also influence the amount of compensation in a car accident settlement in North Carolina. The most common factor influencing settlement payments is the amount of insurance the at fault driver has on their vehicle.

North Carolina law requires that drivers keep a minimum of $30,000 in bodily injury coverage and $25,000 in coverage for property damage for any single person involved in an accident.

Another factor is when you choose to file the lawsuit for damages. North Carolina has a strict statute of limitations on car accident cases. Under law, the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit for personal injury damages is three years from the date of the accident.

Do not wait longer than the three year limit. You risk dismissal of the case and no chance for recovering any compensation for your injuries. Talk to our office today to learn more about what factors may influence your car accident case.

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