How Much Can I Get in a Personal Injury Settlement? Examples of Settlements

personal-injury-settlementPersonal injury is a big field of law that includes car accidents, truck accidents, slip and falls, and dog bites.

If you were injured because of someone else’s carelessness, then you can usually sue them for compensation.

But how much can you get? The legal term for compensation is “damages,” and you can get damages for all sorts of losses.

Including medical expenses to treat your injuries, or income lost because you had to stay at home or in the hospital to recover.

Every case is different, but let’s walk through some personal injury settlement examples to get a better idea of how much you can receive.

Settlements for Relatively Minor Injuries

Melissa is walking through a grocery store when she slips and falls on some liquid that has been spilled in one of the aisles. She sprains her back and suffers a deep bruise on her arm when she falls to the floor.

These sprains and contusions cause Melissa considerable pain and she stays out of work for two weeks to rest up. After a few weeks, she feels well enough to return to her normal activities and no longer needs to take pain medication.

Here, Melissa might have lost $1,000 for missing two weeks of work and could have spent another $1,000 on painkillers, bandages, a heating pad, and other medical care. In all, she lost $2,000.

Melissa can also receive compensation for pain and suffering. However, her pain wasn’t too severe because it was temporary, so she might only get another $1,000 or so for this type of non-economic loss.

Settlements for Serious Injuries

Mike is driving through an intersection when he is T-boned by a car that ran a red light. Mike suffers a broken arm, a concussion, and cuts and lacerations to his face. He is in constant pain for several months and is still feeling the effects of the concussion 12 months after the accident.

Because his injuries are so serious, Mike probably received much more expensive medical care than Melissa (see above). He also might have missed much more work, so his economic losses could be very large.

Mike’s pain and suffering is also considerable, since his injuries have lingered for a year or so. He has also suffered some cuts to his face, which could cause embarrassment if they leave permanent scars. Because his injuries are serious, Mike could receive several times his economic losses in pain and suffering or emotional distress damages.

Settlements for Catastrophic Injuries

Now imagine Mike has paralysis from a car accident. His medical expenses could be sky high, and if he cannot work, then he will have lost out on years or decades of income. With a permanent disability like paralysis, his pain and suffering damages will also be considerable. Of all personal injury settlement amounts examples, this one is likely to garner the largest settlement.

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